Tim Urban - Heart of Me (Single)

Tim Urban’s first single since american idol is also the title track from his EP Heart of Me. In an interview he stated that he wrote this song on the American Idol Live Tour and it was inspired by being “home sick”, but also stated that he didn’t want his fan to think he was depressed. I love this song, I also chose it to be my first review of a single. I loved Urban on idol and when I heard he was putting out an EP I was so happy! I think this single is much better than what he did do on idol. A lot of blogs and websites where harsh on him, one being VFTW which is a website encouraging you to Vote For The Worst. In this single we get to hear the kind of musician he want to be and what he feels, and likes to write about. This single has shot up in my iTune’s Top 25 Most Played list in just a few hours, and is now the most listen to on my itunes with other musicians like Ke$ha, Pink, Rihanna, Plain White T’s, and Nicki Minaj. Also, this song is better than American Idol Lee DeWyze’s single by a long shot. I Give this single a 5 out of 5 for the fact that it shows how he has grown since Idol.

What do you think of Urban’s first single since Idol?

  1. annettefromnj answered: Kyle - I agree with you - awesome review.
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